6 things to expect during postpartum

The first few weeks of your baby is probably the toughest stage, especially for first-time mothers. You probably have heard about sleepless nights with your newborn.  However, postpartum is more than just waking up at 3 am with a squealing baby. Your obstetrician at https://www.sydneywomensclinic.com.au/ can help you with what to expect and how to manage your first few weeks of postpartum.

What to expect during postpartum

Some mothers actually consider the early stage of postpartum as the fourth trimester of pregnancy. Postnatal care very important and is available at https://www.sydneywomensclinic.com.au/.

Early postpartum is the time your body slowly heals and recovers from giving birth. Here are some things you can expect as your body recovers from pregnancy:

·         Abdominal pain

You may feel dull pains on your lower belly as your uterus shrinks back to its normal size. The pain can be sharp when you breastfeed because this causes your uterus to contract.

To ease the pain, you can apply heat to your lower abdomen with a heating pad. The pain will ease up in the next few days, and should not hinder you from doing your normal activities.

If the pain does not ease up and worsens, make an appointment with your doctor at https://www.sydneywomensclinic.com.au/.

·         Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding is the way your body eliminates extra tissue and blood used to nourish and grow your baby. Vaginal bleeding and discharge can last up to 6 weeks. Use only sanitary pads and avoid using tampons to avoid infection.

·         Constipation

New mothers have difficulty in defecating because of the pain relievers given during birth. If you have had an episiotomy during childbirth, you will also probably be afraid to force down bowel movement because of the stitches.

Drinking lots of water and consuming foods rich in fiber can help you with your constipation. If these still do not work, ask your obstetrician to prescribe you with stool softeners.

·         Baby blues

The extreme happiness of having a baby then suddenly feeling sad a few moments after is caused by your hormones. Do not be afraid if you feel down after childbirth because this is a norm among women who just gave birth. Do not be afraid to share what you feel with your family and friends as this can help you feel better.

However, feeling sad and hopeless for several weeks is already a sign of postpartum depression. This is a serious condition and requires you to seek professional help.

·         Painful breasts and sore nipples

Your breasts and nipples become sore during the first days of breastfeeding. If the pain and swelling continue, this may mean that your baby is not latching properly. Consult a lactation consultant to help you with your breastfeeding journey.

·         Edema or water retention

Do not expect to lose weight right away after giving birth. Water retention or edema can happen due to the hormone progesterone. The swelling should be gone in a week; if not, contact your doctor immediately.

Even if you have given birth already, this does not mean that you are no longer at risk of complications. If you feel that there is something wrong, contact https://www.sydneywomensclinic.com.au/ and talk to your doctor right away.