Tea Reviews

BevNET is an interesting site. It’s a commercial site for the beverage industry, offering news and reviews of products. All of the teas I have found mentioned there are brewed and bottled iced teas. As such, they may be outside the scope of what we’re discussing here at The Manly Teas. (I will have to check with my fellow blogger inimino about that issue.)

However, if you’re interested in the bottled and brewed teas–which have their own place in the beverage world and their own special charm–have a look at BevNET. You can use the “Search” feature near the top of the home page to find reviews of the teas. Just enter “tea” as your search term, click the “Search” button, and you’ll get a list of several hundred pages of reviews and comments about the teas, as well as various news items about tea.


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