A Tea-filled Christmas

Thanks to my family, and many other people I couldn’t even begin to list completely here, I had a very enjoyable Christmas. There was plenty of tea in the celebration, so let me say a bit about it here.

My parents and my brother and sister-in-law enjoy tea, so I gave them the Bodum Tea Press pot as gifts. I have been using this pot for a few months and I really like it. I still use my little ball infuser when I want to make one or two cups of tea, but it’s nice to have the pot for those increasingly frequent times when I want to enjoy tea by the quart (liter).

Inimino, my friend and fellow blogger here at The Manly Teas, has informed me that the Yixing clay teapots are supposed to be the best to use for preparing tea. The Yixing pots are notable for their use in the Chinese gongfu method of preparing tea. When I recently became reacquainted with my old friend, tea, I did not know this. (Thanks for the info, inimino!)

I thought about getting a Yixing pot (or several, because they are supposed to work best when you prepare only one variety of tea in them), but as I read more about those interesting teapots on the Web, the whole process was getting a lot more involved than I had planned and I was worried that I would never get around to drinking any tea. So I settled on the Bodum pot that has served me well, and I hope Dad and Mom and Paul and Pat will get a lot of use and enjoyment out of theirs, too. I will eventually buy a Yixing pot, but right now, I did not want to complicate things too much for myself and I did not want to give a gift without knowing more about it.

Of course, I felt that a teapot without tea would be an incomplete gift (or at least one that obliged the recipient to spend some money to enjoy the gift), so I gave Mom and Dad the Holiday Tea Set (photo) from Argo Tea. This sampler contained three special blends of black tea: “Santa Tea,” “Holiday Dream,” and “Winter Blend.” I gave the Holiday Tea Set to my brother and sister-in-law, too. Also, since my sister-in-law had not previously tried white tea, I gave Pat and Paul Argo Tea’s “White Tea” and “Melon White.” I hope Pat will enjoy white tea as much as I do.

Finally, my parents gave me the gift of white tea. Dad and Mom gifted me with Orange Blossom White Tea from the Republic of Tea, and Silver Needle Organic White Tea from Rishi Tea. As I write this, I have tried the Orange Blossom White Tea (I need to write a separate entry about it). I’ll sample the Silver Needle soon. Another option is detox teas such as the ones listed at ecokarma’s detox tea page.

All in all, it was a really enjoyable Christmas for many reasons. Tea was a nice element of the celebration and I am grateful for it.


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