Archive: August 2016

Where Are the Guys???

I am sitting here at the Argo Tea cafe at State and Randolph streets in Chicago. It’s almost 1:45 in the afternoon. I estimate there are about 50 people here. It’s fairly crowded. Aside from the staff, I see 6 men here, including me. This strikes me as odd.

I don’t feel uncomfortable being in a place where the ratio of women to men is about 10 to 1. However, I am curious and a little disappointed. Where are the guys?

One of the purposes of this blog is to present tea in a guy-friendly manner. Yes, real men do drink tea. Yet, as I visually survey the patrons of this cafe, I see a lot of women enjoying a great beverage and very few men doing the same.

Of course, not everyone who walks into this cafe drinks their tea here. Many of the customers take their tea with them as they leave to go back to work, do errands, go sightseeing, or even return home. But the numbers for the latter group look about the same. I haven’t seen everyone who came in and left and I haven’t been counting them carefully, but it appears that nearly a dozen women come in and get some tea to go for every man who does the same.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great that so many women are enjoying tea. In addition to tasting good, tea invites us to slow down, take a break, and savor each moment. I’m glad all these women are doing that, along with realizing the many health benefits that accompany tea consumption.

But where the hell are the guys? I don’t know, but I’m determined to find out.